More Confident in School Work

Before vision therapy I got migraines at school and had a lot of trouble concentrating. Also after reading a few pages I would fall asleep. I have become more confident in school work and now I love to read. This year I made All-County Band and I enjoyed every minute of it and had no [...]

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A Marked Improvement

Prior to my son’s therapy it was nothing but an uphill battle to get him to sit down and do school work. His letters were being written forwards and backwards with no consistency. Memorization and spelling were just about out of reach. Things were bad and only getting worse. I deeply felt that something was [...]

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Confidence to Try New Things

Vision therapy gave me the confidence to try new things. I always struggled with reading, was skipping words and not remembering what I read. Vision therapy taught me to control my eyes. It wasn’t easy getting to this point. It involved a lot of hard work, extra homework and therapy once a week. But now [...]

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