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“After a stroke, I was resigned to living with the headaches and odd vision issues and tried to accept them as my new normal and part of everyday life. I had no idea that I had a vision problem until someone noticed a twitch and referred me to Dr. Kungle. She spent a great deal of time both during the exam and the follow up that led to a comprehensive rehabilitation effort.

Now, not only have the headaches gone away, my vision is actually better than before the stroke.

I am so grateful to have found this organization and the therapy they provided.”

– Rod

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“My experience has helped me more than ever. When I started here I had a concussion but it helped it heal faster. They also gave me the resources that I needed to be able to see and strengthen my eyes. The people here are really nice and they care about you.”

– Lizzie C.

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“THANK YOU for helping my post concussion recovery. You have given me my confidence and self-respect back.”

– Myra C.

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“Keira was referred to Dr. Kungle by our optometrist for convergence insufficiency and possible accommodative disorders. She was in 3rd grade at the time and having blurred/double vision and headaches. After about 20 weeks of therapy, Keira’s vision was corrected! All of the long term goals we had set for her eyes had been met. We are thrilled with her results. Dr. Kungle, the staff and her therapists were all wonderful. We would definitely recommend them to anyone needing vision therapy.”

– Anonymous

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“Before vision therapy I got migraines at school and had a lot of trouble concentrating. Also after reading a few pages I would fall asleep. I have become more confident in school work and now I love to read. This year I made All-County Band and I enjoyed every minute of it and had no problems reading or playing the music.”

– Anonymous

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“I was born with severely crossed eyes. I had never seen any depth … the whole world was as flat as a photograph to me. After having eye muscle surgery I started vision therapy with Dr. Kungle. It’s been a long, slow process. It takes awhile for the brain to rewire itself … but I will never forget the first time I saw my wife’s face with shape and depth instead of flatness. The world has become a very interesting place visually! My therapy is now done, but I expect to keep working at home and progressing in the future.”

– Anonymous

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“Vision therapy has helped me a lot. My homework from school goes much quicker and easier. My grades in school have improved. I am no longer afraid of hard work. I no longer resist getting my work done. It has been a lot of work, but it has been worth it. Thank you!”

– Timmy B.

“Prior to my son’s therapy it was nothing but an uphill battle to get him to sit down and do school work. His letters were being written forwards and backwards with no consistency. Memorization and spelling were just about out of reach. Things were bad and only getting worse. I deeply felt that something was definitely wrong, but no one agreed with me. Finally a concerned, loving teacher saw that something was not right and directed us in the right direction to Dr. Kungle’s office. After being diagnosed with a visual perception problem and beginning vision therapy, I began to see a marked improvement. His attitude excelled and he continued to make great progress. There are no more tears. Fighting to do work is but a memory of the past.”

– Timmy’s mother, Adelaide

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“Vision therapy gave me the confidence to try new things. I always struggled with reading, was skipping words and not remembering what I read. Vision therapy taught me to control my eyes. It wasn’t easy getting to this point. It involved a lot of hard work, extra homework and therapy once a week. But now I’ll volunteer and raise my hand to read out loud. Thank you!”

– Tommy D.

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