Brain Hierarchy: When Your Child’s Lower Brain Levels Are Weak, they Can’t Learn

The Brain Develops in Layers

“Why is it important to know how your child’s brain works and which parts are responsible for learning? Although the brain is complicated, the more you understand about how your child or student’s brain functions, then you can target those specific areas with activities and exercises […]

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The Merits of Reading Real Books to Your Children

In a small study published in February in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers looked at the interactions between parents and their children, ages 10 to 16 months, and found that when they were playing with electronic toys, both parents and children used fewer words or vocalizations than they did with […]

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A School Vision Screening is Not a Substitute for a Comprehensive Eye Exam

A school vision screening, while a highly useful tool in schools, is limited and designed only to check your child’s distance vision. It can tell you how well your child can read a chart that is 20 feet away and it may also have a color vision test, but […]

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Poor Grades Explained by Vision Problems

Jeremy's mom says: “Vision Therapy changed my son’s life. There are no more tears! Jeremy is able to work faster on homework with better concentration. I no longer hear him say, ‘I CAN’T DO IT!’”

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Press Release: August is Vision & Learning Month

One in ten children in America—over 5 million in all—has a vision problem significant enough to impact their ability to learn in school. While the typical school vision screening may give students a ‘perfect’ grade of 20/20, this test only tells one thing: how well they can see at a distance.

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