Please join Dr. Kungle as she discusses common visual deficiencies that cause children to struggle with reading and learning.  Discover the hidden disability of vision deficiencies.  Often children struggle for many years before a vision issue is detected due to the false notion that having a 20/20 vision label means they have PERFECT VISION!  While we know this myth is false, many parents do not realize all the different visual skills that are required to excel with reading, writing and learning in general.  There is more to vision than 20/20!

If you or your child is struggling with learning, or performing below their potential, this seminar is for you!  Please bring family members, teachers or coaches who may benefit from hearing this valuable information.


November 13th, 2017 at 6:30pm…..Annapolis office.

Continuing education credits available for professionals.

Please call the office to reserve your spot.

LRVP Nov 2017 flier