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Dr. Ronald M. Berger

Dr. Ronald Berger attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C. and received his professional degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1975.

He has always enjoyed working with children, athletes, and individuals with special needs. Dr. Berger’s specialties are in the areas of Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Cognitive Development, Children’s Vision, Vision and Learning, and Sports Vision.

He is a member of and has held positions with many optometric organizations, including:

Dr. Berger has been a Sports Vision Consultant to 8 National Football League teams, Washington Capitals of the NHL and Phoenix Suns of the NBA. He has published vision development articles and lectured on vision therapy and vision development in every United States region as well as Canada and Germany in the last 25 years. He was the principal investigator of a research project to enhance the cognitive abilities of individuals with traumatic brain injuries beginning in February 2010.

He has been a private pilot for 31 years and participates in a volunteer program flying pets to locations in which they can be adopted into new homes. In addition, Dr. Berger is an avid skier and golfer.